OCTOBER 14, 2017


from 6pm-9pm

Dominic Melanson

Where it all began...

David Franklin

             In June 2009, longtime friends Dominic Melanson and David Franklin were reminiscing about the good ol’ days of playing music and being on stage.  Over the years, their love of playing music never faded, but their desires for fame and living a life on tour did.  They wanted a place where they could simply play music and express their creativity without the pressure and commitment of being in a band.  They also thought- “hey, if we feel this way, other people probably do too!”  That day, the seed that turned into GroMusic was planted.

               Originally, the name of this new open jam group was Thursday Throwdowns, so named because, well, the jam sessions occurred on Thursdays.  The first session had only three attendees, and two of them were Dom and Dave!  Thankfully, they kept it up and the little group grew to include 5 musicians, sometimes 7, or even occasionally twelve or more!  The feedback was fantastic and the jam sessions moved to Saturdays in order to accommodate the growing demand.  Orange County, California had a need for an all-inclusive network of musicians, where everyone was welcome, and Thursday Throwdowns fulfilled that need.

             Over the next couple years, Dom and Dave realized that Thursday Throwdowns had the potential to contribute to the community on an even larger scale.  Not only were they hosting free jam sessions already, but they also hosted occasional summer acoustic bonfires, and provided entertainment at a local Thanksgiving food drive.  It wasn’t long before the name Thursday Throwdowns just wasn’t enough.  By 2012, GroMusic had been established to encompass the group’s full mission statement, and begin the process to achieve 501c3 status as a non-profit organization.